OXINO® Oxygen Absorbers

Oxygen is the main cause of deterioration in food and pharmaceutical products. Even smallest quantities of oxygen in the packaging will influence product quality and the speed of deterioration. Gas flushing can never remove 100% of oxygen. OXINO® absorbs all oxygen inside the packaging reducing oxygen level to <0,1%.

Naturally preserves taste

As part of our commitment to a natural, clean label and less food waste, Oxino can take care of this and with less or no preservatives for your products, Oxino offers a wide range of food stabilization and extended shelf life solutions based on oxygen absorption that provides a natural antioxidant function. Oxino prevents rancidity and ensures color and taste stabilization in a wide range of food products or other oxygen sensitive products.


All oxygen sensitive products. Expel oxygen to avoid growth of aerobic micro-organisms and avoid oxidation of food products. Make your products natural and healthier, with less perishable and consequently less wastage (extending shelf life, i.e. the time that a fresh product can be sold in shops). You can make new claims on your product ‘without preservatives’ is perceived as a benefit and acceptance driver for your consumers.  Also, the possibility to improve recipes by adding oxidising ingredients, such as fresh butter, unsaturated fatty acids and easily oxidising vitamins. Opportunity to develop organic or clean label products featuring outstanding quality and an acceptable shelf life.

Cost-efficient packaging solutions

We as OxinoTechnology Europe BV with our products have decades of experience in developing solutions - from consistent high-quality delivery to special requests and the development of tailor-made packages.We have got multiple references with oxygen absorbers in the World market.

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